Our Data Center

Our Data Center

The Data Center represents the main element of the state telecommunications network, that makes the secure data transmission possible, by using the NGN (Next Generation Network). Also, this assures keeping secure the data warehouses, their protection against unauthorized access, viruses, as well as data encryption when it’s exchanged between institutions.

Hosting – The State Enterprise CST, has its own secure servers that are monitored 24/24 by our team. The servers use broadband internet, all web hosting accounts are monitored by modern software to prevent disruption of certain errors websites. Servers are placed in a modern Data Center by our professional and experienced staff.

Collocation – renting space in our deposits which are, at the moment, located in the most competitive Data Center from the Republic of Moldova. We provide everything, from the electricity, the right climate, to security services, respecting the international standards.  


Through our collocations services, we make sure you have:

  • A secure environment, with limited access at the data center;
  • A competitive conditioning system;
  • Monitoring the network 24/7;
  • Secure metal cabinets.

Optional services:

  • Internet;
  • Server administration;
  • Backup services;

Additional services:

  • High quality Internet;
  • Optional Services of server management;
  • Optional backup services;
  • Additional IP addresses on request;


Prices for web hosting service:

Nr.SpaceAnual price, including VAT (MDL)
11 GB850
22 GB1000
34 GB1150
46 GB1300
58 GB1400
610 GB1500
715 GB1750
20 GB


For more details you can access our full list of services here.