CST has participated at a round table regarding the development of IT parks in Moldova

CST has participated at a round table regarding the development of IT parks in Moldova

April 10th, the Center of  Special Telecommunications has participated at the round table organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, during the visit the representatives from the German Economic Team Moldova Mission (GET Moldova).


The main goal of this meeting was to discuss, together with the representatives of many IT related institutions from Moldova, the necessity for the development of IT parks and the IT sector competitiveness in Moldova. The initiatives related to this subject were presented in written form by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, within a Strategy for the 2014-2020 period. The priorities right now are as follows: collaboration between public and private sectors to increase employment of IT specialists, supporting lifelong learning, special training programs in foreign languages not just during college, but also post-graduate. The Director of IT policies from the MCIT, Mr. Paul Sincariuc, mentioned that The Association of private companies already contributes to promoting youth employment in IT, by organizing communication campaigns in the past two years.


The German Economic Team Moldova came with a package of economic and strategic policy proposals for the development of IT parks in Moldova, giving examples of good practice in three international cities: Berlin, San Francisco and London.


In some cities, such as London, such parks have created entire neighborhoods and complex networks, called hubs. They involve practical work and living space for all the IT geeks. Not only large companies relocate there, but groups of students or recent graduates who are in a creating process of IT business ideas. A lot of entities are working together in these hubs: companies, universities and government institutions. Everything is done just to encourage the development of IT sector and create that ”coolness” element which attracts more and more young people into the world of information technology.

Such a park could be created in Moldova, once we decide exactly what we need, what type of IT sector companies are required: call centers, young companies, incubators, Sturt-ups. For each of them needs a different workspace different conditions. The once for young entrepreneurs can be designed with a modern architecture, graffiti walls, "cool" (as are most in Germany) and the large companies need to meet the complex security measures.

But international IT companies will not expect too much for out country to improve conditions, concluded the expert and economic consultant Jorg Radek - member of the German Advisory Group GET Moldova and Ukraine.