The digital signature will be applied on notarial documents

The digital signature will be applied on notarial documents

SE "Center of Special Telecommunications" (CTS) has taken another step towards digitization of documents, by contributing to the implementation the use digital signature in notarial activity.

Regarding this, the Moldavian Prime-Minister Iurie Leanca asked the Ministry of Justice, the E-Government Center and the Center of Special Telecommunications to develop and propose some new amendments to the Regulation on the fulfillment of notarial acts and notarial registers, including identification of technical solutions for securing electronic documents issued by public notaries  until March 15th, 2014.

It is clear that their initiative will substantially contribute to the implementation of digital signature in the notarial activity and will bring a number of benefits such as:

  • signing a document available to anyone anywhere having a computer and technical means necessary; 
  • eliminating the need to use the documents on paper;
  • the authenticity guarantee of the document;
  • assuring the data confidentiality;
  • reduction of the expenditure distribution, accounting and record keeping; 
  • security and speed of transactions; 
  • avoiding lines at the notary offices, etc..