Drupal CMS

Drupal CMS

Migration of the  official websites of public authorities on the new website pattern is in full swing. Recently, has ended the  training  session for civil servants in this area. Participants were informed about the  way  Drupal platform is  working. According to the plan, all the authorities will move their official websites on this new  platform in the nearest  future.


An important step in implementation of this vast project was the training sessions  performed during all this year. As a result, it were trained about 70 web administrators and 60 content managers from 65 public institutions. The trainings were organized by the Center of Special Telecommunications together with the E-Government Center , and supported by trainers from Drupal Association Moldova.


Reorganization of official web sites, under a single template, will  improve the attractability of the websites for the  final user, as well as it  will provide an easy navigation  and a higher level of user satisfaction.


People involved in these courses received both knowledge and practical skills, as well as the necessary tools to develop and maintain the website of their Authority. Upon completion of the trainings, public institutions received a standardized Drupal pattern  which can be used for the website development. Center of Special Telecommunications provides the hosting for these  websites in the Secured Data Center, which  guarantees a high level of information security.


A  big number of public authorities is in the process of migration their pages on the new platform, but some institutions have already migrated their  pages under new Drupal pattern, such is the Ministry of Culture (www.mc.gov.md) and the Ministry of Economy (www.mec.gov.md).


The migration to new platform will be monitored by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications in accordance with the  p. 10 of the 2014 Action Plan for the implementation of the Strategic Program for technological modernization of governance (e-transformation), approved by Government Decision no. 1096 of 31.12.2013.


Drupal is a content management system. After 00's Drupal has gained in popularity thanks to the flexibility, adaptability, ease of management and operation. According to the latest data,  Drupal is on the second place among the most used CMS in the world.


S. E. "Center of Special Telecommunications" is designated as technical operator of the hosting platform, based on the Government Decision no. 188 of 03.04.2013, regarding the official websites of public authorities.