Automatic traffic surveillance "Traffic Control"

Automatic traffic surveillance "Traffic Control"

Given that Moldova follows a path that leads to European Integration, one of the important sectors that needs improvement is the traffic safety. In this context, in March 2010, Moldova signed the UN resolution declaring the years 2011-2020 the "Decade of action for road safety."

Based on the severity of the problems facing the Republic of Moldova in this respect, the Government decided, by Governmental  Decision nr.1214 of 27 December 2010, to approve the National Road Safety Strategy, which sets up a base priority for effective road safety and sustainable policy, including the creation of an orginized system for road safety, in terms of strategic and institutional premises.

In this project of state importance, the Center for Special Telecommunications has the role of the holder of the automatic traffic surveillance, which has been awarded by Governmental Decision no. 40 of 17.01.2012, on the Concept of Automated Traffic Surveillance "Traffic Control".

Therefore, the Center for Special Telecommunications has the duty to create, implement, develop and maintain the system, ensuring information exchange through STAAP, placing equipment in the data center, ensuring the functionality of the entire system. All the responsabilities are performed under contracts between the owner and holder.

At his moment, the project is being implemented.