Mobile Signature

Mobile Signature

“Mobile Signature” is an innovative service, which allows accessing electronic services with a mobile phone. ”Mobile signature” works as an ID in the virtual world, which allows users to authenticate themselves in the cyberspace in order to prove the identity with the cellphone.  


With „Mobile Signature” citizens can sign papers from far apart, reports, declarations to institutions or online requests through the mobile phone. In the same way, they can access public and private e-services in an easy and convenient way. Citizens will no longer depend on the tight schedule of institutions, and they will be able to access e-services from anywhere and at any time. 


According to Decision No. 264 from July 15th 2004 regarding electronic documents and digital signature, electronic documents are equivalent to documents signed by hand. In order to obtain the right to use a digital signature for the mobile phone, special certificates issued by the Center for Special Telecommunications are used. Mobile operators hold the rights for the registered users.


Citizens can easily obtain the mobile signature from mobile operators. For this they will take their current ID card to the mobile operator and complete an application form, the whole process taking less than 15 minutes. The regular SIM card will be replaced with a special SIM card that includes mobile signature.


The "Mobile Signature" service is also available for citizens from abroad. Through this, they will be able to access services that would traditionally only be requested from home, from the Republic of Moldova.


This e-service was developed under a public-private partnership between the Government, the Center for Special Telecommunications and mobile operators Moldcell and Orange.


The launch is a major step forward for Moldova. At international level, such an authentication service via the mobile phone is only available in 6 other states.